New impact-modified and lubricated KEPITAL grades
New impact-modified and lubricated grades of KEPITAL expand potential applications for POM.

Seoul, Korea, September 2015 - At Fakuma 2015, Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. (KEP) will be presenting an expanded range of KEPITAL® polyacetal copolymer grades on stand B3-3011 in hall B3. New additions include the impact-modified grades TE-22S and TE-23S with their elevated weld line strength and super toughened KEPITAL® ST grades which can be an alternative to certain thermoplastic elastomers. Another focus of KEP's presence will be the lubricated grade KEPITAL® TX-21 which can be used under dry-running conditions.

The new impact-modified POM grades KEPITAL® TE-22S and TE-23S combine well-balanced mechanical properties with weld line strength which is distinctly higher than conventional impact-modified POM. Both grades are primarily distinguished by their stiffness.

The super toughened grades KEPITAL® ST-30, -50, -60 and -70 offer the highest impact strength and highest Shore values within the KEPITAL® range and so bridge the gap between POM and thermoplastic polyester elastomers (TPEE), for which they may be a valuable alternative, depending on the grade. Typical fields of application are components requiring impact strength, robustness, resistance and low-noise properties, such as fasteners, buckles, conveying systems, spring elements and seals.

The internally lubricated grade KEPITAL® TX-21 contains special slip additives which are particularly uniformly and finely dispersed in the polymer matrix, resulting in considerably better friction and wear behaviour than conventional grades of POM. Typical applications thus include machinery components which can be used under dry-running conditions even under heavy load, such as plastic conveyor chains for the food processing industry, where external lubricants are not permissible for reasons of hygiene.

Further advantages of systems made from KEPITAL® TX-21 include low-noise properties, potentially lower energy consumption in service and longer maintenance intervals than in conventional systems. Outside the conveying and food processing industries, demand is also growing in other sectors and applications, for example for producing window lift plates, deflection rollers, drums, gearwheels and sliding elements. In addition to TX-21, KEP's POM product range includes further slip-modified products with considerable potential for customised and application-specific developments.


Under identical test conditions (block on plate; v = 0.45 m/s; p = 0.22 N/mm2; t = 24h), the internally lubricated POM grade KEPITAL® TX-21 has a coefficient of friction around 50% lower and a distinctly lower surface temperature than the corresponding standard grade F20-03.



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