KEPITAL - Product Portfolio
The KEPITAL product portfolio offers a broad spectrum of grades: Standard, H-series, UV-resistant, Reinforced & Filled, Friction & Wear resistant, Impact modified, Conductive, Anti-static, Low-emission amd Solution for components of medical devices.
KEPITAL Product Range
Standard F10-01, F10-02, F15-33, F20-03, F25-03, F30-03, F40-03
High strength F10-03H, F10-03H M, F25-03H
UV-resistant F10-52D, F10-52H, F20-52, F20-51, F30-52, F30-51, F20-52G, F30-52G, F20-51U
Reinforced & filled Glass Fiber: FG2025K, FG2015, FG2025, FG2025F
Glass Bead: FB2025
Talcum: TC3020
Friction & wear Wear and noise improved standard grade: F25-03HT
Special Lubricant: TX-11H, TX-21, TX-31
Teflon: FL2007, FL2020
Silicone: TS-22H, TS-25H
Molybdenum disulfide: FM2020
Impact modified Conventional: TE-21, TE-22, TE-23, TE-24
New generation: TE-22S, TE-23S
Super toughened: ST-30, ST-50, ST-60, ST-70
Conductive ET-20A, FA-20, FC2010
Anti-static F25-63
Low emission Standard: F20-03 LOF, F30-03 LOF
High strength: F10-03H LOF
Impact modified: TE-21 LOF, TE-22 LOF, TE-23 LOF, TE-24 LOF
Friction & wear: TX-11H LOF, TX-31 LOF, F25-03HT LOF, TS-22H LOF
UV-resistant: F20-52 LOF, F30-52 LOF
Glass fiber: FG2020 LOF
Solution for components
of medical devices
MX20BT01, MX25BT01, MX30BT01

KEPITAL LOF-Grades: KEP is a quality leader in the field of low emission Acetal grades for automotive interior applications.Unfilled LOF grades are controlled with VDA275 values of <2ppm.

KEP operates multiple manufacturing lines at its production facility in Ulsan, where a variety of KEPITAL grades are being produced. This allows for dedicated lines per grade and the flexibility to switch products as needed. Our manufacturing design ensures a high level of productivity, reliability as well as consistent product quality.

For more detailed information you can download the KEPITAL Product Brochure here.

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